Licensing photos, videos, vectors and artwork

How It Works

We try to make licensing content via Mega Image Bank as less complicated as possible. It works as followed:

  1. The client needs to register as a member on Mega Image Bank in order to "unlock" the download features. Otherwise it's impossible to download or license content via Mega Image Bank.

  2. After registration, the client needs to activate the account before you're able to login.

  3. After activating your account, click on the menu icon to browse through Mega Image Bank's galleries;

  4. To download or license any content, please follow these steps:
    1. Choose the desired License Agreement. E.g.: - A copy of the chosen agreement will be sent via email to the client's email address;
    2. Click on the button to add the content to your Shopping Cart;
    3. Click on the 1 menu icon or the button to proceeed to the Check-Out page;
    4. Choose the quantities of each image or video - quantities is referred to the number of episodes for Tv License Agreement (e.g.: 1 Quantity = 1 Episode) - for Royalty-free and Rights-managed License Agreeements, it is referred to the number of printable items that the images will be used for;
    5. Once you're happy with your Shopping Cart, click on button to open the PayPal™ Payments Page. All major credit cards are accepted. The clients doesn't necessarily require to have a PayPal™ Account to make the payment;
    6. Once the payment is processed by PayPal™, and payment verification by Mega Image Bank is complete, the download shall begin automatically. Otherwise, a backup email is sent to the client with a link for the content you just bought;

  5. All content purchased on Mega Image Bank may be used for different projects by the same client for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

Check the Available Licenses for more information.

Who Can License

Any registered member, from clients to contributors, from moderators to admins, anyone that has registered and activated his/hers account is automatically eligible to license content via Mega Image Bank.

  1. What is a contributor?
    Contributors are all the photographers, videographers, visual artists and graphic designers registered to Mega Image Bank. They are the creators and sole owners of the content showcased on - and managed by - Mega Image Bank.

  2. What is a client?
    Clients are all the individuals, businesses, corporations and beyond registered to Mega Image Bank with the intention of licensing stock photos, videos, artwork and vectors for your personal, commercial and editorial projects.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions section for further information.

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