5 Reasons To Sell Your Photos, Videos & Artwork on Mega Image Bank

Many businesses – or people – don’t really have the time to hire photographers for their projects nowadays. Mega Image Bank is an agency that provides visual artists and photographers with a large community of creatives where […]


10 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets by Mega Image Bank

Awesome! More free Adobe Lightroom Presets by Mega Image Bank! We’re happy to share more free Adobe Lightroom Presets with you. These were created by Paulo Perestrelo specifically for the entire community. Check out the video […]


3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales On Mega Image Bank

As a photographer, I appreciate the extra income that I make by selling my photos on Mega Image Bank in order to create new projects and keep my photography dream alive. Therefore, I’ve decided to […]


Photo Request #2: Travel Photos

Dear community, Do you have plenty of travel photography and would like to make a few dollars with them? That’s right; Our creative partners have requested photos from any country, city, town or area in […]


#PhotoAdventures Episode 2: Porto Amboim (Photos)

Welcome to #PhotoAdventures Episode 2 Porto Amboim, is a small port town located in Kwanza-sul province, Angola, which comprises an area around 4,638 km² with breathtaking views. Although it seems like the city has stopped […]


And… We’re Back on Business!

Nothing like a little bit of effort to solve everything. Happy to announce that www.megaimagebank.com is back online at 100% full power despite the propagation process in the past couple of days and should be […]


Important Notice For All Members At Mega Image Bank

Dear community: It’s official… MegaImageBank.com is being relocated to a new host to offer better service, more features and better safety for our members. I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this […]


Free Black & White Adobe Lightroom Preset by Mega Image Bank

Yet, another free preset by Mega Image Bank! Bellow is a video preview of how Paulo Perestrelo created this free preset! Sign-up bellow and get this and many more (up to 70) free Adobe Lightroom […]


Introducing: Mega Image Bank Credit (MIB Credit)

Get $5 back on every $10 you spend on Mega Image Bank as “MIB Credit”. You can use your MIB Credit to download more stock photos, images, videos or fine art from Mega Image Bank for […]


New Year; New Look; Bigger Goals! MegaImageBank.com Turns 2 Today!

2 YEARS MAKING STOCK PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND FINE ART AFFORDABLE AGAIN! From a fresh look to more and better features – We’re very passionate for what we do! Do you believe in dreams too? Stock […]


Fujifilm Unveils ‘Graphite’ X-Pro2 and X-T2

Source: Digital Photography Review Fujifilm is now offering new ‘graphite’ bodies for the X-Pro2 and X-T2, produced using a multilayered coating. The graphite X-Pro2 will come bundled with a matching XF23mm F2 R WR lens and hood. […]


Mega Image Bank Wishes You a Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! For our clients, for our friends, and especially for everyone that contributed with megaimagebank.com in 2016! P.s.: 50% discount for the whole weekend, on me! Find the code bellow… start shopping Paulo Perestrelo […]


Updates to our Terms & Conditions – 2016

Howdy community, Please pay attention to the following changes to our Terms & Conditions. Feel free to leave your comment / opinion in the comments section bellow: 6. Membership Packages & Royalties You may signup for […]


Inside The Life and Career of Ansel Adams

The son of Charles Hitchcock Adams, a businessman, and Olive Bray, was born in San Francisco, California (U.S.A.), close to Golden Gate Bridge. After sustaining a serious nose injury at the age of four, caused […]


Upgrades, Safety Increase & Much More

Howdy lovely community. It is with great pleasure that we’re announcing the following upgrades on our platform: Interface: We’ve re-designed and re-optimized our home page and gallery display pages. This makes it easier and faster […]


Trailer 2 – #PhotoAdventures by Mega Image Bank

COMING SOON MegaImageBank.com is a fast-growing Photographers & Visual Artists community dedicated to RF Photos, images, videos, fine art prints, and much more. #PhotoAdventures is an amazing series of photographic adventures by our local and international […]


Tips for Shooting Your First Family Photography Session

Source: Peta Pixel | Author: Louise Downham Family photography can be incredibly rewarding, although is not without its potential pitfalls. Some children love having their photos taken and will perform for the camera. Others would rather be anywhere […]


Winning Photo From Red Bull Illume 2016

Source: Digital Photography Review © Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume Lorenz Holder of Germany has taken the top prize for a second year in a row in the Red Bull Illume sports and action […]


60 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Get this pack of 60 Lightroom Presets completely free! Share this amazing promotion with your friends and family and let’s make our community bigger and better! Sorry, but presets are exclusive for members. Click here […]


Stock Photography Guide #1 | What’s Trending on MegaImageBank.com

Howdy, awesome members! It is that time to let your creativity “speak”. With this article, we’ll show you what’s trending on megaimagebank.com based on our clients requests, as well as the basic stock photography trends. Sit back, […]